Apps for Paris

As we enter the final days of our trip prep, I wanted to pass on a few exciting apps!

Rather than pay the exorbitant international roaming rates, we are going to rely primarily on wifi.  This means that the most valuable apps will have all their information available offline.  I don’t want to search for wifi before I do anything!

Stillpig Dictionary – This free French/English dictionary will definitely come in handy!  Get it here.

Map from Ulmon – Reasonably good map available offline? That will save me from having to open a big paper map anytime I want to go somewhere? And it’s free? Sign me up!

Paris Metro Apps – Kemtro is a great tool.  It’s $1.99, includes maps for London too, and will give you directions!  MetrO has a similar one for free.

TripAdvisor City Guides – These are free and great for looking up restaurants.

Rick Steves Audio Europe – I love Rick Steves and his sassiest comments buried underneath facts.  These free audio guides, which include walking tours and interviews, can be downloaded in advance and be listed to offline.  You can listen while you’re at a location in order to learn more about what you’re looking at or listen in advance (en route or on the plane there) to get excited about what’s to come!


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